Monday, October 8

  • The 5th Intelligent Narrative Technology Workshop (INT5) (2-day workshop)
  • Workshop on Human Computation in Digital Entertainment & AI for Serious games (merged)
  • Tuesday, October 9

  • The 5th Intelligent Narrative Technology Workshop (INT5) (2-day workshop)
  • Workshop on AI in Adversarial Real-time games
  • The 1st International Workshop on Musical Metacreation
  • Wednesday, October 10

    8:45am Welcome
    9:00-10:00 Invited Talk: Zoran Popovic
    10:00-10:30 Break
    10:30-11:45 Paper session: Planning and Search
    11:45-noon Poster Spotlights 1
    noon-1:30 Lunch break
    1:30-2:30 Invited speaker: Hannes Vilhjalmsson
    2:30-3:20 Paper session: Narrative and NPC Creation 1
    3:20-3:30 Poster Spotlights 2
    3:30-4:00 Break
    4:00-4:40 3rd Annual Starcraft Competition Report and Awards
    4:40-5:30 Workshop Reports
    5:30-6:00 Doctoral Mentoring Poster Spotlights
    6:00 Reception

    Thursday, October 11

    9:00-10:00 Invited Talk: Rich Hilleman
    10-10:30 Break
    10:30-11:45 Paper session: Evolutionary Computing
    11:45-noon Poster Spotlights 3
    noon-1:30pm Lunch
    1:30-2:40 EA Sports Panel
    2:40-3:30 Paper session: Authoring and Game Production
    3:30-4:00 Break
    4:00-4:50 Paper session: Narrative and NPC Creation 2
    4:50-5:00 Poster Spotlights 4
    6:00 Posters and Demo Session

    Friday, October 12

    9:00-10:00 Invited talk: Marek Michalowski
    10:00-10:20 Break
    10:20-noon Paper session: Player Modeling
    noon-1:30 Lunch and AIIDE-13 Organizational Meeting
    1:30-3:00 Paper Session (DC): Search and Modeling
    3:00-3:15 Break
    3:15-4:15 Paper Session (DC): Learning
    4:15-4:30 Break
    4:30-5:15 Young Faculty Career Panel

    Full paper presentations

    Planning and Search

    • TRANSIT Routing on Video Game Maps
      Leonid Antsfeld, Daniel Harabor, Philip Kilby, Toby Walsh
    • RRT-based game level analysis, visualization, and visual refinement
      Aaron Bauer, Zoran Popovic
    • POMCoP: Belief Space Planning for Sidekicks in Cooperative Games
      Owen Macindoe, Leslie Kaelbling, Tomas Lozano-Perez

    Narrative and NPC Creation 1

    • Understanding Speech in Interactive Narratives with Crowdsourced Data
      Jeff Orkin, Deb Roy
    • Sports Commentary Recommendation System (SCoReS): Machine Learning for Automated Narrative
      Greg Lee, Vadim Bulitko, Elliot Ludvig

    Evolutionary Computing

    • Evolving Personalized Content for Super Mario Bros Using Grammatical Evolution
      Noor Shaker, Julian Togelius, Miguel Nicolau, Michael O'Neill
    • Evolutionary Learning of Goal Priorities in a Real-Time Strategy Game
      Jay Young, Nick Hawes
    • Combining Search-based Procedural Content Generation and Social Gaming in the Petalz Video Game
      Sebastian Risi, Joel Lehman, David D'Ambrosio, Ryan Hall, Kenneth Stanley

    Authoring and Game Production

    • Evaluating Competitive Game Balance with Restricted Play
      Alexander Jaffe, Alex Miller, Erik Andersen, Yun-En Liu, Anna Karlin, Zoran Popovic
    • Fast Procedural Level Population with Playability Constraints
      Ian Horswill, Leif Foged

    Narrative and NPC Creation 2

    • Representing Morals in Terms of Emotion
      Margaret Sarlej, Malcolm Ryan
    • Reaching Cognitive Consensus with Improvisational Agents
      Rania Hodhod, Brian Magerko

    Player Modeling

    • Game-based Data Capture for Player Metrics
      Aline Normoyle, John Drake, Maxim Likhachev, Alla Safonova
    • Adapting AI Behaviors To Players in Driver San Francisco: Hinted-execution Behavior Trees
      Sergio Ocio
    • If Not Now, Where? Time and Space Equivalency in Strategy Games
      Baylor Wetzel, Kyle Anderson, Maria Gini, Wilma Koutstaal
    • A Temporal Data-Driven Player Model for Dynamic Difficulty Adjustment
      Alexander Zook, Mark Riedl


    Poster Spotlights 1

    • Planning is the Game: Action Planning as a Design Tool and Game Mechanism
      Rudolf Kadlec, Csaba Tóth, Martin Cerny, Roman Barták, Cyril Brom
    • On Case Base Formation in Real-time Heuristic Search
      Vadim Bulitko, Chris Rayner, Ramon Lawrence
    • Plan-based Character Diversity
      Alexandra Coman, Héctor Muñoz-Avila
    • Fast Heuristic Search for RTS Game Combat Scenarios
      David Churchill, Abdallah Saffidine, Michael Buro

    Poster Spotlights 2

    • Telling Interactive Player-specific Stories and Planning for It: ASD + PaSSAGE = PAST
      Alejandro Ramirez, Vadim Bulitko
    • Enhancing the Believability of Character Behaviors Using Non-Verbal Cues
      Neesha Desai, Duane Szafron
    • Glengarry Glen Ross: Using BDI for Sales Game Dialogues
      Tijmen Muller, Annerieke Heuvelink, Karel van den Bosch, Ivo Swartjes
    • TEAM-IT: Location-Based Gaming in Real and Virtual Environments
      Spencer Frazier, Alex Newnan, Fotos Frangoudes, Yu-Han Chang, Rajiv Maheswaran

    Poster Spotlights 3

    • The Gold Standard: Automatically Generating Puzzle Game Levels
      David Williams-King, Jörg Denzinger, John Aycock, Ben Stephenson
    • Mining Rules from Player Experience and Activity Data
      Jeremy Gow, Simon Colton, Paul Cairns, Paul Miller
    • Player Profiling with Fallout 3
      Pieter Spronck, Iris Balemans, Giel van Lankveld
    • Simulating Adaptive Quests for Increased Player Impact in MMORPGs
      Emmett Tomai, Rosendo Salazar

    Poster Spotlights 4

    • Spatial Game Signatures for Bot Detection in Social Games
      Titus Barik, Brent Harrison, David L. Roberts, Xuxian Jiang
    • When Players Quit (Playing Scrabble)
      Brent Harrison, David L. Roberts
    • Aesthetic Considerations for Automated Platformer Design
      Michael Cook, Simon Colton, Alison Pease
    • Statechart-based Game AI in Practice
      Christopher Dragert, Jörg Kienzle, Clark Verbrugge


    • RoleModelVis: A Visualization of Logical Story Models
      Sherol Chen, Andrew Duensing, Peter Kong, Arnav Jhala, Noah Wardrip-Fruin, Michael Mateas

    Doctoral Consortium

    Search and Modeling

    • Monte-Carlo Tree Search for Game AI
      Hendrik Baier
    • Model-Driven Development of Game AI
      Christopher Dragert
    • Creating Model-Based Adaptive Environments Using Game-Specific and Game-Dependent Analytics
      Brent Harrison


    • Applying Learning by Observation and Case-based reasoning to improve commercial RTS game AI
      Glen Robertson
    • Learning Human Motion Models
      Bulent Tastan

    Doctoral Consortium Posters

    • Toward a Computational Model of Character Personality for Planning-Based Narrative Generation
      Julio Bahamon
    • Toward a Narrative Comprehension Model of Cinematic Generation for 3D Virtual Environments
      Bradley Cassell
    • Narrative Intelligence Without (Domain) Boundaries
      Boyang Li
    • Assistant Agents For Sequential Planning Problems
      Owen Macindoe

    Young Faculty Career Panel

      A panel will convene to present and answer questions about the following topics: Career options, funding opportunities, building a research portfolio, building a research lab, teaching, time management. Panelists to be announced shortly.